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“Israel Premium Tours” is a dream come true for Danny “the Digger” Herman.  An Israeli born and raised in a Kibbutz in the Jordan valley, after his military servce, Danny was an archaeology student at the Hebrew Univeristy where he developed a passion for the history and archaeology of the Holy Land. A chance request to guide a Christian choire in Jerusalem was in retrospect a life changing event. It eventually led him to earning an MBA degree and develop a premium tour service.

With the increase of requests for high-end private tours, Danny started tracking colleagues who could cater with a similar style and quality.  The team today provides a wide variety of experiences services, but the main moto of Danny has stayed the same – the costumer always comes first!. His safety, comfort, and satisfaction are the main goals, from day one, and to this day. 

Our Videos

Danny “The Digger” Herman leading and “The Watchman”, Erick Stakelbeck in Machaerus, Jordan. 

James Elgrod leading “The Watchman” Erick Stakelbeck through Jaffa. 

Danny “The Digger” Herman Presenting Saint George Monastery in the Judean Desert.

Ziv Cohen presenting the Holy Land.

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