Day Tour to Caesarea, Haifa and Akko

Caesarea, Haifa and Akko are a great selection of destinatino for exploring the northern coast of Israel. Caesarea was founded by Herod the Great in the first Century BCE and became the most signifcant commercial metropolin of the Holy Land through the late Roman and Byzantine period. It’s port was the biggest man made harbor in its time, and in Byzantine period it held the second biggest library in the Christian world.  It remains are being exposed continously to this day, and include a theatre, ampitheatre, hippodrome, a palatial complex, public bathouse, and more. 

A 30 minutes drive north of Caesarea bring us to Haifa, a city known mostly for its industrial modern port and oil refinieries. But facing the port, and behind the “German Colony” the Bahá’ís constructed a magnificant set of terraced gardes around an octagonal Domed sctructure (“The Shrine of the Bab“). From the top terrace of the gardens one can also get a great panoramic view of northern Israel and the border with Lebanon.


Another 30 minutes drive brings us to Akko. The city was inhabited continously from Canaanite times. It’s remains today are mostly from Ottoman times, although a great amount of Crusader’s era Hospitallers complex can also be appreciated. 

A stroll on the walls of Akko unveils beautiful scenes of the old city and its vicinity, providing a photo opppurtunity for Instagramers and tourists alike.. 



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