Cana is an Arab village some 10 km north of Nazareth, in heart of the lower Galilee. 

According to the Gospel of John (Chapter 2), “Cana in the Galilee” is where Jesus performed his first miracle of turning water into wine during a local wedding party.

According to Catholic tradition the church in the heart of modern Cana (“The Wedding Church“) is located right over the site where the Wedding took place  some 2000 years ago. In a crypt beneath the church a big stone jar is presented as one of the “six stone water Jars”  whose water were turned into Wine. 

 An ancient Aramaic inscription beneath the church attests to a Byzantine period syngogue at the site as well.

The modern church is popular for both weddings as well as “renewel of the vows” ceremonies. 


Nearby a Greek-Orthodox church also claims to possess one of the six stone water jars.

Cana is also known as the hometown of one of the disciples of Jesus – Nethaniel / or Saint Bartolomew.

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