Day Tour of Jaffa and Tel-Aviv

Jaffa and Tel-Aviv presents a unique combination of a city with long and rich history, right next to a very new and modern metropolin. We start with a stoll in the allies of ancient Jaffa from Ottoman times, reviewing a wide range of souvenir and artisans shops.  Descending towards the port we pass by The House of Simon the Tanner, which by local Christian tradition is the location of the “Vision of Peter”.  The port itself is today reserved for only local fishing activity, and some touristic sails. It is however a good location to contemplate on figures like Solomon, Jonah Andromeda and Herzl. 


Returning to the main plaza of Jaffa, we could visit the 19th century Catholic “Saint Peter Church“, as well as have photo oppurtunity of the coast of Tel-Aviv that is spread to the north of the church.  A short walk will get us the Ottoman Clock Tower and the flea market, where we could also have a lunch break. After lunch we can drive through the first Jewish neighborhood outside Jaffa – Neve Tsedek, and later reach the heart of Tel-Aviv at Rothschild boulevard.  Rothschild boulvard presents a wide variety of styles implemented in architectural designs since the foundation of the city, and most notably is the Bauhaus style.  Most significant building is “Independance Hall” where the state of Israel was declared. 


We could continue to points of interests like Rabin Assasination site, Sarona and its food market, Nahalat Binyamin crafts fair, and the trendy Sheinkin street. Tel-Aviv also has the best selection of restaurants and bars in Israel which is not to be missed!



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