Day Tour To Jerusalem

Jerusalem is pssibly the holiest city in the world, sacred to both Jews, Christian and Muslims. Jerusalem has over five thousand years of history, and it has witnessed more wars then anywhere else in the wrold..    How can we appreciate such a city in just one day? Well, we can try.

We start at the stunning panoramic viewpoint on Mount of Olives, This location is a great place for introducing the city, a photo oppurtunity, and even a Camel ride.. :-). Next we drive down to the Kidron valley and possibly stop for a visit of the Garden of Gethsemane. In its vicinity are also the Cave of Gethsemane, and Mary’s Tomb.

Driving around the old city we park next to Jaffa Gate, ready to continue our journey into the Old city by foot. Walking throught the local market (Suq), we make our way first to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre – the site that marks where Jesus was put to death, buried and resurrected. 

Next we walks along parts of the “Via Dolorosa” in the Christian Quarter and the Muslim Quarter, eventually reaching the Western Wall in the Jewish QuarterFor lunch we can try some local Hummus, and after some possible “retail therapy” in the Jewish “Cardo”, the Suq or Mamilla pedestrian Mall we return to the car.

We can then drive through parts of the Ultra Orthodox “Mea Shearim” neighborhood, the National munements on Jerusalem’s “Capitol hill” such as the Parlaiment building (“Knesset“), and the the Israel Museum, where we could also review some of its highlights, namely the display of the Famous Dead Sea Scrolls

If time and will permits, we can also set a Palestinian guide to take you into Palestinian control area of Bethlehem, to see the Church of Nativity that marks by Christian tradition the location of where Jesus was born. Nearby we can also visit the Sheperds’ fields, and “Rachel’s Tomb“.



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