Nazareth is a crowded Metropolin today, but 2000 years ago it was the tiny village nestled in the lower Galilee mountains, between the Jezreel valley and the Sea of Galilee. 

Being the Hometown of Jesus of Nazareth, since the Byzantine Period Nazareth develped into a popular pilgrimage destination, a MUST for every Christian tourist coming to the Holy Land.

Its main attraction inlcude the massive church over the house of Saint Mary (“Church of Annunciation“), the nearby carpentry and home of Saint Joseph (“Church of Saint Joseph“), the “Syngoguge-Church“, The Greek-Orthodox church of Saint Gabriel near “Mary’s Well“, and the “Mount of Precipice“.

A short distance from Nazareth are the sites of Cana, Nain,  and Mt. Tabor, and about an hour drive away, are additional significant Holy Christian sites around the Sea of Galilee.   

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