The Western Wall

The “Westwen Wall” (Known also as “The Wailing Wall“), is a remnent of one of the retaining walls that supported the plaza around the Jewish Temple Some 2000 years. It was built with giant stone blocks and is an impressive testimoney to Roman architecture and technology.

Unfortunately the Romans were also the ones to knock down the Temple and most of its supporting walls, opressing a Jewish rebellion. For Judaim this is the most traumatic event in Jewish history, and since the Western Wall is one of the few remarkable remains of the past Temple it is a famous pilgrimage site for Jews, as well as a popular tourist destination for travelers.

The Westwern Plaza is a popular place also for Bar-Mitzvah Parties, especially on Mondays and Thursdays. 

The Westwern Wall can be reached from the Jewish Quarter or the Muslim Quarter, and near by are tourists attractions such as “The Western Wall Tunnels“, the “Second Temple Virtual model“, the Southern Wall Archaeological Park, the City of David, and the Jewish Quarter.

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